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sept 04 2008

Neighbourhood tour

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In one of my classes, General toxicology, I met a girl with the same name as I have, which is really cool since I’ve never met anyone in Norway that shares my name with me. I love the new experience of being able to say «Hi Christiane!» whithout talking to myself. Amazing. Anyway, me and Christiane nr.2 were biking home from Uni a few days ago, and she showed me a new route to get home (she lives just down the block from me). Although I’ve taken the bus along the route we took, I’ve never really SEEN this part of my neighbourhood. That’s what so great with biking, you get there almost just as fast as when taking public transport, but you see everything from a complete different, much closer, view. But that is not the point of this post. It’s what I found on my way home: A grocery store, filled with all kinds of exotic food, spices, sauces, vegetables, pastry and much more. I think regardless of what kind of dish you plan to cook – asian, chinese, indian – you’ll find your main ingredients in that shop. I was super-thrilled, such a well-equipped store, in my neighbourhood! And the vegetables – somewhat cheaper than my closest supermarket, and so much more diverse! They even had plantains/cook bananas. – I don’t have a clue of what to do with them, but I’ll find out and do so very soon. And they had pumpkins! Come Halloween, I’ll make myself some nice pumpkin pie (I love the sound of that word).

Trying to restrain myself from spending my entire studentloan on groceries, I ended up with buying this :

I can’t wait to try out the chinese 5 spice mix! The rest is actually stuff I’ve had in my «pantry» before, and which I’ve used up…I love it when I buy fancy food and actually manage to cook fancy often enough to use it up, and not having to throw it out because it has gotten bad.

I also bought heaps of vegetables :

Yum! I got home quite late today, so I wanted to cook something light, but satisfying. I’ve been craving garlic bread for a long time now, but I also wanted to cook up some of that beautiful greens. So I made up a new dish-  garlic bread vegetable bruschetta! 

I just sautéd the vegetables plus some leek with a splash of water in a non-stick pan until it wilted down a bit,  added some flavour – some fish sauce, oyster sauce, garlic and ginger, a dash of limejuice, and let it rest with a lid on while I made the garlic bread – mixed butter and some grated garlic cloves, parsley, salt and pepper, slabbing it on a piece of bread, roasting it in the oven, you know how. – Oh and I added a drizzle of parmesan cheese on top - you’re allowed to use nice cheese when you’re eating vegetarian, right ?  Finally, bread toasted and veggies cooked, I scooped a pile of vegetables on to the garlic bread, and  finished it off with a few drops of plum sauce on top…It turned out perfect and was just what I had craved for.

I was also impressed with myself for making just enough food – I’ve been so used to cook for two people, that I’ve been making too much food all summer long.  – Not a bad thing, since it’s always nice to bring leftovers to uni for lunch, but still, cool that I’ve learnt how to cook the right amount of food.

Now, enough with the boasting and bragging. Tore is coming home in 11 days! I have to figure out something really yummy to cook for him..something chinese maybe? But it has be something I can prepare in advance since I don’t want to be spending my time in the kitchen when he’s here…we’ll see. I can’t tell you what I’ll cook until after I’ve done it, since Tore reads this blog and I want it to be a surprise!

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