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sept 08 2008

Plums, sunflower seeds and my rattie darling

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Plums! I love their sweet and juicy flavour, and as they’re in season, I’ve been munching on them every day for a week. I saw a recipe for an upside-down plum cake in one of the newspapers I read every day, but of course I forgot to write it down…To be continued.

Apart from overdosing on plums, I’m addicted to salted sunflower seeds right now. If I start snacking, I can’t stop until my tongue is all sore from the coarse salty coating. Sam loves them too, but I take care to rinse off the salt before I give him the seeds. He’s such a sweetheart,very social; I can’t spend much time in a room where he’s running loose before he comes over and jumps onto my lap or tries to crawl on to my shoulder, giving my ears small rattie-kisses.

I asked my toxicology-professor a question today that I’ve been wondering about for a long time; how do rats react to alcohol? He confirmed my suspicion; they cope with alcohol very well, their metabolism is very effective so they practically can’t get drunk. Which is good, since Sam loves beer. He so cute when he runs over to me, grabs the glass with his small human-like hands and sticks his entire head down the glass and starts leaping like crazy. – It’s a struggle to make him let loose of the beer when I think he has drunk enough!


- Sam trying to climb up along my pants.  - «Up, Mommy!»

 »Gimme’ gimme’!»

7 days until Tore comes back home to me!

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