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sept 24 2008

Happy days..with lots’ to do

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I guess you can imagine why I haven’t gotten around to writing the last week – my boyfriend finally got back from Spitzbergen, Svalbard, where he’s been working on his master thesis in biology the last three months. It’s really good to have him back! To spoil him with some good home cooked food I made something I’ve never made before – Beef and Guiness pie. It took me good and well 4 hours since I doubled the recipe, so I didn’t get into bed before 4 in the morning (I started cooking reeaaally late), but I couldn’t sleep from the anticipation anyway. i’ll post the recipe i followed on the recipe page:)


Here’s the photo


Beef- and Guinness pie



I even bought some quality import beer from the «Vinmonopolet» – the only store in Norway where you can buy alcoholic beverages with a higher alcohol content than regular beer. The employee who helped me pick out the beer to drink with the pie was really enthusiastic about my «project» and we found a couple of beer brands that she thought would go with the hearty, beefy taste of the pie. Tore loved it, and I was quie pleased with it too. We only got around trying one of the beers (I had bough three different brands) since we fell asleep on the couch right after finishing the heavy meal, and it was the perfect supplement. I look forward to try the two other brands!

While Tore has his «summer vacation» now, I’m really busy with all the stuff I need to get done a he University; I normally get there around 9 am, and the last wo weeks I haven’t been back home before 7 pm.  oh well, my new master student-desk is really nice, and after the 7th of October I’ve finished one of my courses. I’ve also started to work with the chicken, not «my» chicken, but helping some BA-students with a projec that is a mini-version of my masters. The chicken are so amazingly cute, it’s almost hard to consentrate and I have to stop myself from baby-talking to them all the time. I’ll take my trusted camera to Uni tomorrow so that I can share some of that fluffy, yellow delighfulness with you guys soon. 

Besides from finally having my darling back home aka someone to snuggle up to at nigh, sharing laugher and tears with, someone to come to, it’s soo good to have someone to cook for again! I did cook for myself during our months apart but I’ve missed his blessed expression on his face when he’s munching down my – MY! – food so quickly that he can’ talk, just attempting to smile through stuffed cheeks. 

Yesterday night’s meal was a combination of what I had been craving all day at Uni; BBQ-chicken, rataouille and garlic bread! I had made the BBQ-marinade the night before and let the frozen chicken fillets marinade and thaw in the fridge over night, and Tore bought the other ingredients. It’s such a good feeling to finally fulfill a craving, getting the tastecombination you’ve been fantasizing about just right. 


BBQ-chicken, ratatouille, garlic bread



Keeping to «what I’ve cooked this week»-theme; tonight I made a favourite of the boyfriend and I; Sloppy Joes! So easy and so so good ! We ate them with whole-wheat baguettes and a greek salad, so it wasn’t completely unhealthy either. 


Sloppy Joe




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