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sept 25 2008

Virgin Mac ‘n cheese

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My take on mac 'n cheese


I have a great fascination for traditional American food – lovely BBQ, tex-mex, gumbo, american chinese food.. a few days ago I made Sloppy Joes, today I had my first go at making Mac and cheese!  I didn’t go all the way traditional though, since I wanted to make a slighly more healthy version. But I guess mac ‘n cheese is that kind of dish that every family has their own recipe of, all with sligh alterrations and different kinds of ingrediens.  For my «healthy» version (the amounts of cheese I put into it can never be healthy), I used Barilla’s Cellentani Integrali (whole durum wheat semolina pasta, that is), low fat pork ham (from a can), and – behold – some spinach! I might sound like a funky combo, but it was delicious, I can assure you. My boyfriend ate until he was reduced to a moaning lump on the coach, complaining about his aching tummy and I ate a lot more than my fair share too. More dishes from the American continent to come! (but I won’t limit my cooking to just American food, no worries).

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