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Rodent pedicure

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Rodent pedicure
The cutest thing was when he started to nibble at my fingernails afterwards.
I forgot to publish the post-artichoke picture; all the clean-eaten leaves and the husky stem looked so nice that I had to shoot a picture of it:
The remains of an artichoke
Lastly, I had another urge for salmon a week ago and made this; Salmon with Pasta and Lemon-Dill sauce . I don’t have diabetes but I like to cook healthy as often as possible, and this dish wasn’t just healthy, it was really good! I think I’ll precook the pasta a few minutes first the next time I make this, since I thought the pasta took too long time to cook in the broth with the vegetables. I also added some extra soy sauce and lemon juice.
Salmon and noodles
The first snow came falling down from the sky yesterday, but as most snow in Oslo does, this one melted the very next day too. But it was nice as long as it lasted, it made me start thinking about how to feed the wild birds during the cold season. There’s a small pear tree outside my window, maybe I could just put up some bird food in the tree. During my childhood my mother always took care of the small birds that stay in Norway during winter, and I remember the fun of learning the species names of all of them…I guess that’s one of the reasons for my biology interest!
Here are some house sparrows in the botanical zoological garden Wilhelma, in Stuttgart, Germany.
Wilhelma - botanical and zoological garden of Stuttgart.
According to my text book in Animal Behaviour the little guy with the biggest black patch on his chest is the dominant male in the group.

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