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apr 28 2009

I’ll have my fish raw, please

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I’ve had an insane craving for sushi the last month. Last week we got some okay, but slightly dissapointing (tiny!) maki rolls at the neighbourhood takeaway sushi, but that did only make my cravings bigger. Last night I came home early from Uni, completely emaciated since I wanted to get really hungry before dinner, which of course resulted in a totally stupid argument with Tore over something I don’t really remember. After some angry «I don’t even want sushi for dinner tonight!», we made up, and he apologized with a «Can I have some sushi too? «. Of course he could. I couldn’t have, even if I’d tried, manage to eat all the sushi myself. I boiled up 2 cups of sushi rice and made 3 giant maki rolls (rice on the outside) with salmon, spring onions, avocado, cucumber and shrimps. I mixed the shrimps with majonese and Sriracha sauce because I just love that spicy (though not completely authentic) flavour. I was so excited about managing the inside-out rolls (toasted sesame seeds and plastic cling film essential), and so hungry, that we just stood there at the kitchen counter and ate them immediately as  I made them. Yuummmyyy! Sadly, I haven’t gotten around to fix my camera yet, so I have to make sushi again for you to see when it’s fixed..

I found something slightly confusing though, when I was checking the internet for what kind of fish I should use. The Norwegian Fishing Ministry recommends to only use fish that has been frozen at -20° Celsius for at least 24 hours, while at other sites I read about «Sashimi-grade fish», by which I think they meant really fresh fish. But freshness doesn’t guarantee you a fish without parasites, round worms, which is the real issue of concern. All fish have parasites to some degree; fish living in brackish, still-water have more of them (should not be eaten raw) while sea fish and especially farmed salmon have few, or none. Anyway, I didn’t want to take any chances, so I went with a couple of frozen salmon fillets. I sliced them while they were still a bit frozen, which made it easy to get really thin slices. 

As satisfying the sushi yesterday was, today I still had a craving for more sushi, or at least more raw fish. So I decided to make Vietnamese spring rolls with salmon ceviché and shrimps. I soaked the rice paper wrappers in hot water as always, but as a twist I marinated the salmon  in lemon juice, soy sauce, grated ginger and garlic, some salt and sugar, and a tiny drizzle of sesame oil. I wrapped the salmon with shrimps, julienned cucumber and carrot, diced spring onion, sesame seeds, and some slices of pickled ginger. Divine!

Here’s a pic from another time I made Vietnamese spring rolls: 


Vietnamese spring rolls

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apr 23 2009

The Future Is Today, Kids!

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Coming home from University around 7 pm, not feeling like cooking, me and Tore had SUSHI for DINNER – in a PARK! In the SUN! Being able to indulge in luxury foods like takeaway sushi every once in a while is the reason why I gladly wash old peoples butts once a month.
Btw, I checked when the sun set today; 8.55 pm – I love it!

Tomorrow there’s an event at the Biology building called Natural Carneval – it’s like a Halloween party, everybody dress up according to the theme (Jungle this time), there will be alcoholsale, a dance floor, a DJ…and a biology quiz. Come on, we ARE biologists, after all. All fun and no brain stimulation a whole evening wouldn’t go down with the crowd.
Anyway, what I’m really looking forward to is, that we’ll be barbecuing on one of the lawns on campus before the party; I think it’s one of my favorite things to do; relaxing with food and beer and good friends in the sun after a long day of studying in my favorite time of the year – spring.
Oh, and what I’ll be wearing ? It’s a secret.

Another magnolia pic:

Wilhelma zoo

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apr 21 2009

Visiting Oma

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Most Norwegians try to go to skiing in the mountains during the Easter holiday, cabintrips, etc., this year I went to visit my grandmother (Oma) in Germany. Instead of snow and cold, I got sun and almost summer-like temperatures. Going from grey, snowy, not cold/not warm Oslo to the little village she lives in felt like fast-forwarding from one season to another; her garden was blooming with tulips and crocuses and daffodils, the bees and bumblebees were humming around like it had never been winter, and the little birds that she feeds every day with homemade (!) bird food wake me up every morning with beautiful song and I wasn’t even annoyed by having to get up at 7.30 am during my vacation. The simple reason for that was the fantastic everyday-breakfast; the smell of freshly made toasted bread and coffee was too good to sleep in to. And the dinners! Oh my, I got everything I’ve craved since my last visit and more; memory-laden comfort food.

German gourmet food
- Seidewürstle (some kind of delicious wiener hot dog), brown vinegar lentils, Spätzle (German speciality, think noodles) and a locally brewed pilsener. Yum! I’m going to make my mother teach me how to make Spätzle, but it’s hard, it requires a special cutting board and knife, and a loot of patience.
German gourmet food
Sausagesalad with ham, pickles and that wonderful black sausage from the Saturday farmers market, plus a slice of delicious sour dough stone oven potato bread. I just can’t get the ingredients for this dish home in Norway, we’re lightyears away from the selection and abundancy of different food types that you can get in other countries. It sucks!In this little village there’s a farmers market EVERY Saturday, in Oslo there’s one every couple of months, half the size of the one in Nagold.
Except from eating, reading non-scientific books (the luxury!), napping, smelling the flowers and sunbathing in the garden, we went to Wilhelma, the zoo in Stuttgart I’ve talked about before in this blog. We came just in time to see the Magnolia trees blossoming, and what a sight that was – breathtakingly beautiful. I love the fact that this zoo not only focuses on the animals, but also spends a lot of resources on the botanical part of the zoo. I took like a million pictures with my mothers camera (mine is still broken), here’s a few of them:
Wilhelma zoo
Wilhelma zoo
Wilhelma zoo
- I just adore those big and lucious, light pink magnolia blossoms.
Wilhelma zoo Wilhelma zoo
- Three of my favourites: Wilbär and his polarbearmama, and the Cuban tree rat.
I came home with recharged sleep – and energystorages, a suitcase filled with smoked dried sausages, chocolate, whisky, and what one theoretically could call  a tan (increased amount of freckles); I call that A Good Vacation!


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apr 18 2009

A Wonderful Friday

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A wonderful Friday (freeday!):

8.00 a.m. – 12.00 am : Breakfast with Sam, reading some articles, a shower, getting back into bed to snuggle just a few moments more with «the very sick boyfriend» (read: he has the manflu). Decided to break in my trusted two-wheeler and cycle to Uni to meet Marte for lunch.

12.30 p.m – 13.30 p.m : lunch in the cantina – left over homemade chicken soup with tortellini – and catching up with gossip.

13.30 p.m. – 15.30 p.m. : having ice cream in the herb garden in front of the biology building with three girlfriends, enjoying the sun, getting a slight sunburn on the tip of my nose, trying to identify various bugs passing by, chatting about everything from funny shaped penises to international politics and just procrastinating with almost no guilty feelings – it IS Friday, afterall.

15.30 p.m. – 17.00 p.m. :  reading some more articles, working with the essay a bit, but mostly gazing out the window  at the lovely spring weather.

17.00 p.m. – 17.30 pm : Biking down Bogstadveien (shopping street) – smiley faces sitting at sidewalk restaurants having their first outside-beer of the year - to get to the Litterature House (Litteraturhuset). Met up with a couple of friends, had my first shrimpsandwhich of the year (slice of white bread, a small mountain of cold-water shrimp, lemon, mayo and a green salad),

Se bildet i full størrelse


 and then attended the lecture «Is Darwinism past its ‘sell-by’ date ?» by the famous biology philosopher David Reuse. Very entertaining, funny AND interesting; mixed with my overall admiration for this guys’ genius, plus a sprinkle of exciting (read: crazy) Creationist interrupting the lecture by running up the aisle screaming «REFERENCES, I WANT REFERENCES!». He was briskly shown back to his seat with the notion to hold his questions till the end of the lecture, upon which he then mumbled an extremely incoherent something something none of the audience understood. So much bravado during the lecture but then when he was offered the microphone he wasn’t able to present his opinion in a proper way.  Oh well, as Mr. Ruse put it; «We’ll just have to agree to disagree».

19.30 p.m. – 20.15 p.m. : biking back up the hill with big-A…

20.15 pm – 23.3o p.m.: …to get to the lovely student pub the Amateur (Amatøren) to attend a concert of a great, great jazz band called ‘Made In Corea’. They play cover versions of songs written by the famous jazz pianist/composer Chick Corea. Being a piano-less band they compensate with guitar and vibraphone. I really enjoyed myself; the music, my mood, the atmossphere, the people I was with, even the red wine I was drinking was perfect. – A wonderful end to a wonderful day.

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