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apr 23 2009

The Future Is Today, Kids!

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Coming home from University around 7 pm, not feeling like cooking, me and Tore had SUSHI for DINNER – in a PARK! In the SUN! Being able to indulge in luxury foods like takeaway sushi every once in a while is the reason why I gladly wash old peoples butts once a month.
Btw, I checked when the sun set today; 8.55 pm – I love it!

Tomorrow there’s an event at the Biology building called Natural Carneval – it’s like a Halloween party, everybody dress up according to the theme (Jungle this time), there will be alcoholsale, a dance floor, a DJ…and a biology quiz. Come on, we ARE biologists, after all. All fun and no brain stimulation a whole evening wouldn’t go down with the crowd.
Anyway, what I’m really looking forward to is, that we’ll be barbecuing on one of the lawns on campus before the party; I think it’s one of my favorite things to do; relaxing with food and beer and good friends in the sun after a long day of studying in my favorite time of the year – spring.
Oh, and what I’ll be wearing ? It’s a secret.

Another magnolia pic:

Wilhelma zoo

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