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mai 05 2009

Lax Sushi

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Tore turned 27 yesterday so we went to a newly opened sushi place in the neighbourhood. We ordered somemaki rolls with salmon as appetizers, and wok for maincourses; Tore had one with seafood and I had a thai version with beef and red curry coconut sauce. We took it as a takeaway and had a picnic in the park we’ve become so fond of. I must admit: I could’ve done better. – The maki rolls were tiny (again! ) and the rice was dry and bland in flavour, and the wok dishes were boring. Although I liked the red curry sauce, I recognized the ready-made curry paste that I buy and use myself, the vegetables were overcooked and the beef was waay to chewy for the thickness of the beef slices (thin!). To compensate, I made sushi for starters today – with smoked salmon/lax! – Big maki rolls (futo maki?) with avocado, cucumber, spring onions mixed with mayo and sriracha sauce, and lots of thin slices of lax. The slightly salty smoky taste of the lax mixed perfectly with the other ingredients. And it was cheap! A too me fairly new low price brand has a number of groceries with very varying degrees of quality. Some of the groceries are just as good, or even better, than the pricier brands, while some are so bad that they’re not even worth the little money you pay for them. The lax was one of those «treasures» – cheap and tasty and affordable for a poor student like me.  

So what did I give my «old» boyfriend for his birthday – who, as he likes to point out, will be FOUR years older than me for the whole of 4 months, until I turn 24 in September? I bough us both tickets for the Heaven & Hell concert of legendary Black Sabbath, that are on tour with their former band member Dio. Now, I love Dio, and also Black Sabbathin their younger days, but the on the concert they’ll play more recent songs. I guess I have to do some «home work» before the concert, so the material isn’t completely new to me.

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