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feb 18 2010

Series : Animals I’d Like To Meet

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This is Caplin Rous, a capybara that lives as a pet with his family in Texas. Caplin is a capybara (Norwegian : Flodsvin). Capybaras live in most of South America, whilst Caplin comes from a farm in the US that breeds capybaras. I’m not sure what I think about keeping capybaras as pets, I’m generally against keeping wild animals as pets, but from reading Caplin’s blog it seems like he’s quite happy! Capybaras are very social animals that communicate with peeps and chirps, similar to Guinea pigs, which they are related to.

I’ve actually met a capybara before, in a zoo. It was very friendly, it came over to the fence and when I scratched his head he closed his eyes and stood still for the whole time I petted him.

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