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feb 20 2010

I’m cold

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..and have been all day. Wool stockings, slippers, fleece and wool sweaters in several layers. Huddling up in a huge green fuzzy fleece cover on the couch while sipping close-to-scorching hot Early Grey tea. Still cold!
I felt even colder than that time when I jumped into the Arctic ocean wearing nothing but a bikini.
As with  many other problems I decided to solve this one with food – French onion soup that is. I chopped and slized and chopped 7 (!) medium sized yellow onions and two cloves of Chinese garlic, sautéed all of it in a generous dab of butter for half an hour until the onions had caramellized beautifully and shrunk down to a minimum of their original size. Then I added a tablespoon of flour, a bay leaf, some dried thyme, a splash of white wine vinegar, water and chicken stock. After some more gentle simmering the soup was ready – almost. I couldn’t resist dunking a thick slice of bread and a thick slice of cheese into each bowl of soup and pop them under the grill for a couple of seconds. To my horror a part of the bread got a bit burned, but after I’d immersed it into the golden delicious liquid that is French onion soup, I didn’t even notice any burnt flavour.
The sweetness of the caramellized onions is amazing! I didn’t add a single sugar crystal into the mix, all the sweetness came from the onions themselves. Delicious. I won’t even tell how much of the sweet sweet onions I noshed on before they made it into the soup.
Onions are healthy too! Did you know that onions and garlic are two of the most benefitial vegetables against cancer? They’re stock full of anti-grazing agents that prevent them from getting grazed on by animals, except us humans that’ve figured out the trick of cooking onions before ingesting them. These anti-grazing agents are anti-cancerous, so keep the onion soups coming!

Sadly, still after a very satisfying bowl of soup I hadn’t completely warmed up. The thought of going outside, getting the laundry and then walking back home again was horrifying. This is where having a nice boyfriend comes in handy. I nagged and pleaded and promised to do all the house chores tomorrow if only he’d do the laundry today (we usually do the laundry together). Not only did he comply, when he got back, he piled a giant mound of  hot, fresh-from-the-drier bed sheets  (oh, how I love thee!) all over me, submerging me completely and finally heating me through and through. Joy!

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