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mai 16 2010

Adobo chicken

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My first attempt at Phillipine cuisine, Adobo chicken to be more precise. Delicious and so easy! I’d forgotten to take the chicken thighs out of the freezer, was starving and in an «oh what the heck»-mood, so I just dumped the frozen chicken straight into the adobo sauce, put a lid on the frying pan and let the chicken simmer slowly on medium low heat for about an hour. They turned out delicious and juicy, impossible to tell that they weren’t «thawed overnight in the fridge» like the food magazines tell us is the proper way. I think it’s the preparation – the fact that the chicken is cooked in a flavorful liquid – is what prevents it from drying out. Cooked on its own in the oven would not work with frozen chicken, I think. Not with chicken fillets/breasts either. Too dry. Need that subcutaneous fat  - the one that makes the skin on the drumsticks  so crispy and nice – that makes the dark chicken meat so juicy and yummy. Fat = flavour.

Here’s how the pan looked :

I could drink that sauce with a straw. No, actually, I couldn’t. Too salty. But it was good. Slighlty acidic, savoury, salty, spicy. You can find the recipe over at Ivory Hut.

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mai 14 2010

First attempt at making choux pastry!

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Choux pastry is a kind of pastry dough that is made with only butter. water. flour and eggs. The dough can be used to make a range of different pastries like eclairs, beignets, profiteroles and many more.  Choux is considered somewhat tricky to make since it uses no rising agent, only depending on the eggs and a high moisture content in order to let the steam puff up the baked goods. I chose to make a savoury version; chili cheese puffs! I added goodies like sriracha sauce, parmesan cheese and onion powder to the dough. They were delicious! So light and airy yet so flavourful. The next time I make choux I’ll use it for making eclairs filled with strawberry cream and with a dark chocolate crust..I think. Hmmm…..Maybe I’ll make some for the 17th of May party I’m going to on Monday.
Something completely different : We’ve increased our little zoo by one member – again! On Sunday two weeks ago Mr.T and I found a zebra finch flying around just outside our apartment. It’s an exotic bird and doesn’t belong in the Norwegian nature, but they’re kept as pets, so it must have «ran away from home». The bird (which we’ve found out to be a small female) was quite easy to catch, she probably was tired after her outside adventure. I’ve borrowed a cage from a friend, put up Found-posters all over the neighbourhood and temporarily named her Frk Frantzen (Miss Frantzen) after a beautiful Odd Nordstoga song. Since my camera is still in Bø where I left it, I haven’t been able to take any pictures of our little fosterbird, but she looks somewhat like this :
She’s become surprisingly tame in these two short weeks, is easy to catch after her daily fly-about in our living room, and seems to enjoy cuddles – she’ll arch and crane her neck to let us know where she wants to be scratched, and closes her eyes. Internet claims zebra finches are not interested in human contact, but this little girl sure is! It’s obvious that she craves attention and companionship, I hope her owner claims her soon. I don’t think we’ll keep her if we don’t find her owner, but a couple of our friends have already shown interest in her. Although…I’m starting to grow fond of her, like I do with most animals around me, but then I’d have to buy a huge cage and at least another finch to keep her company and and…well, if you check youtube for zebra finch singing you’ll probably discover what we did; their song is not particularly pleasant. It sounds more like a frog or a duck with a cold than a song bird. Mr. T is getting quite annoyed with her, whilst I think she’s somewhat charming. It’s nice to get a «Miip! Miip!» as response everytime I coo her name in a high tone of voice.

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mai 03 2010

Rusty – a Cinderella story

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Last weekend Mr. T, my girlfriend N, her Mr. T (both guys have the same name) and I went to N’s home town Bø that is located in the middle of Norway in the country were we baby sat her parents chickens, went to an awesome Jaga Jazzist concert (a Norwegian jazz fusion band that made my skirt fly up), found the first and second frog of the year, went fishing and got nothing but delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs barbecued on a smoky fire (due to the rain) and found the farm cat’s two week old kittens. I took pictures of most of it, but left the camera on the farm, of course. Until I get it back I’ll post some long due posts with pictures I took the last couple of weeks.

Here’s one of my best flea market founds. It cost me about 15 kroner, approximately the price of a litre of milk. It’s an expensive cook ware brand – Høyang Polaris if it means anything to you – but completely orange from rust. I don’t have a cast iron pot and figured 15 kroners weren’t too much to risk..So I took a steel wool scrub and got out the elbow grease. And scrubbed and scrubbed and polished and scrubbed…and then I gave in and handed the pot over to Mr. T who finally made the pot look like this :

No speck of rust left, just nice and black, solid cast iron. I can’t wait to cook  my first stew with good old Rusty! Just to be sure it won’t rust any time soon, I smeared it generously inside and out with sunflower oil, let soak overnight, wiped off residual oil and sealed in the oil with one hour in the oven at 400 degrees Celcius. Aaand then I did the same thing over again. Now I’ve used it at least six times and there’s still no sign of rust. Success!

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