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mai 16 2010

Adobo chicken

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My first attempt at Phillipine cuisine, Adobo chicken to be more precise. Delicious and so easy! I’d forgotten to take the chicken thighs out of the freezer, was starving and in an «oh what the heck»-mood, so I just dumped the frozen chicken straight into the adobo sauce, put a lid on the frying pan and let the chicken simmer slowly on medium low heat for about an hour. They turned out delicious and juicy, impossible to tell that they weren’t «thawed overnight in the fridge» like the food magazines tell us is the proper way. I think it’s the preparation – the fact that the chicken is cooked in a flavorful liquid – is what prevents it from drying out. Cooked on its own in the oven would not work with frozen chicken, I think. Not with chicken fillets/breasts either. Too dry. Need that subcutaneous fat  - the one that makes the skin on the drumsticks  so crispy and nice – that makes the dark chicken meat so juicy and yummy. Fat = flavour.

Here’s how the pan looked :

I could drink that sauce with a straw. No, actually, I couldn’t. Too salty. But it was good. Slighlty acidic, savoury, salty, spicy. You can find the recipe over at Ivory Hut.

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