okt 22 2009

Back from holiday, two new family members!

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- Not in that order, though.  Whilst spending a couple of rainy July weeks in the south of Norway, a friend of Tore gave us his two rats, Hud and Sapiens. Hud means skin in Norwegian. He felt he didn’t have time for them and had lost interest in them. I just couldn’t turn them down, two adorable dumbo’s with characteristic ear shape. The first thing we did was to re-name them Alfred and Benjamin, aka Alf and Benny. Or Bonny and Aaalfiii! Or Silkepus and Skrållan. What can I say;  they deserve every nickname. They were a bit timid at first, scared of being picked up and are still afraid of hands, but they’ve become incredibly trusting and seek contact with me whenever they’re outside the cage. Luckily the introduction with our two other guys went well, there was some squarreling and fighting during the night, but now they all sleep together in one big ratpile.







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