jun 18 2009


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- a tame magpie that we rescued from starvation and the numerous dogs that run loose through campus were we found him, bobbing along on the lawn, lethargic and dizzy. He learnt how to be fed from human fingers in a couple of hours, and soon started to gain weight…now he’s about 5 weeks old (we’ve had him about 3 weeks), very tame, constantly hungry, flies around in the house and begs for food and/or attention ALL THE TIME. He does this by either; 1)  jumping on to your head/shoulder/the hand you’re typing with, whilst 2) shrieking straight into your ear or 3) pecking/pinching at the places on your body were it hurts the most (the skin between your fingers, on your temples, earlobes, etc). So we make him fly around  outside  to let out some steam, he’ll peck at the window when he wants to come in, and if I can’t see him when I want him to come home, I just have to call his name – if he isn’t too far away to hear me calling he’ll fly over to me immediately (whilst screaching furiously. It warms a mothers heart). We hope that he’ll be able to tend for himself by the end of the summer.

Our tame magpie Fridjof

We’ve fitted some sticks on the top of our wardrobe for him to perch/jump around on, with lots of newspapers on the floor to catch his  poop. By now we’ve been relatively lucky; he hasn’t done any considerable damage to furniture, but let’s just say that we cover up our white sofa with blankets and towels just to be safe. He is a flying poop-machine, afterall.

Our tame magpie Fridjof

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  1. Tronotrondon 23 jun 2009 at 09:44

    How cool! Funny how he comes back even after you’ve let him out :)

  2. Christianeon 23 jun 2009 at 16:10

    Yeah, he’s the coolest party trick ever. Some bypassers were laughing at me for leaning out of the window yelling «Friiidjoof!», but then he swooped over their heads, landed on my window sill and stopped their mockery immediately. The party goers loved it too.

  3. Christianeon 23 jun 2009 at 16:18

    He’s actually jumping around on a random lady’s head as we speak (she’s screeching and laughing at the same time). He has absolutely no fear of humans, and will approach anyone passing by on the street to beg for food…by now most people’ve reacted positively, but I dread the day he’ll try to perch on a bird hater (bird phobia is surprisingly common).

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