okt 02 2008

Llama terror

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Llamaterror on graveyeard in Østerdalen! Yesterday norwegian newspaper VG could report about a herd of escaped llamas that were harrassing people in a small village in Østerdalen . The llamas were eating the grass and the flowers on the graveyeard,  scaring hikers and keeping them from picking berries in the forest and on one occasion a pack of lamas had crowded around a baby in a stroller, staring at it. Staring at it! The renegade llamas have escpaped from the farmer on several occasions, but now the minister in the community has had enough (the guy on the picture). He will summon a meeting as soon as he comes home from the moosehunting trip he’s attending. The farmer is very sorry for his llamas behaviour and the problems they’ve caused. Apart from all the negativity surrounding the furry escapees, they’ve become a popular touristattraction for people passing through the village.

Lovely. This kind of article makes me still want to read the newspapers everyday (Aftenposten, Dagbladet, VG and Svalbardposten), despite the overload of news regarding what horrible things people do to each other.

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