sept 05 2008

My dog Duxie

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 I had a flashback to my childhood today at university; a friend brought a dog she’s watching with her to «my» office; a black giant schnauzer female called Wilma. I never had a dog growing up (even though it was all I asked for every Christmas many years in a row), but we used to babysit the dog of a friend of my dad – also a giant schnauzer, a female called Duxie. I think we had her almost every other weekend and most of the school breaks and holidays, and during those three years she became a very loved family member. She had no dicipline since her owner really didn’t have any time to train and take proper care of her (he’s a taxi driver), but we were happy since she got to come to us quite frequently. She would jump up and place her big paws on your chest in order to lick your face; I’ve never been afraid of big excited dogs and I can thank Duxie for that. Somehow she thought she was a lap dog; you couldn’t sit in a couch for 5 minutes before she came over to you and tried to climb onto your lap. Her favourite trick was to sink her fluffy beard in her water bowl and then place her big head (and now dripping wet beard) on your knee. I still miss her, and some day I’ll get a big jumpy dog myself. I took some pictures of Wilma; Duxie didn’t look much like her; she was more athletic and had longer legs, but they’re the same breed. I don’t have any pictures of Duxie in digital, but here are some of Wilma. She’s such a sweetheart, it didn’t take her long time to accept my knee as a head-rest platform.


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