feb 02 2009

(not) Just cookies

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I just wanted brag a bit before I stop procrastinating: I made cookies AND sugarsalted roasted almonds for the Holidays. In heart shapes! They were so cute (the cookies) that I gave most of them away. And the almonds were dissappearing so quickly while still cooling down that I gave them away too, before Tore and I would fall into serious sugar coma. 

I present to you: 

- Chewy heart shaped cookies with walnuts and white chocolate (plus the adorable animal cookie cutters that I did not use, but plan to in not too distant future (Thank you Mona for the cookie cutters, I love them!)).


Hazelnut-white-chocolate cookies

- The sugar roasted almonds with the sprinkle of salt that makes it impossible to just have one. 


Sugar roasted almonds

Lastly, I made something I’ve been wanting to cook for a loong time, actually every since that first time I watched an American sitcom and somebody mentioned the all american classic «spagetti with meatballs». I made them with minced pork meat since that was what I had, and I added some homemade Caesar salad on the side since I get these cravings for Caesar salad that I just have to abide sometimes. 


Spagetti w/meatballs and caesar salad

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