jun 18 2009

Sloppy sushi

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Typical. Of all the times I’ve made sushi, the first time I have a camera at hand, my rice turns out too loose, and the sushi got really sloppy. It was delicious as always, but I’m not too pleased with the pictures. But I’ll post them anyway, I’ll just have to give to photoproof from the next sushi dinner that I CAN in fact do better.

Sloppy sushi

I looooveee sushi. Salmon is my favourite; with avocado, cucumber, and a crazy, totally not authentic mayo-scallion-srirachasauce-mix. It adds just a hint of creaminess, spicyness and crunchiness that I adore, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn if it’s not authentic.  My next food project will be to make my own pickled ginger because in the store a tiny less-than-a-cup-sized-jar of ginger costs outrageous 20 Kroner! (~ 4 dollars!).  The fact that my boyfriend can’t help himself from munching the pickled ginger as a snack sans the sushi, makes it too expensive to not try and make it myself.

Sloppy sushi

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