sept 14 2008

Tore is coming home..

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…TOMORROW! I can’t think of anything else, I can hardly wait! I’ll pick him up at the airport at 7 pm, those hours before that are going to be torturous. I hope  I’ll be able to read some articles at Uni before I go to get him. The weekend has been wasted, pretty much. I work part-time as a nurses assistant at a apartment house for the elderly; I think assisted living would be a good translation from norwegian. Most of the residents don’t need much help, maybe just help to take the right medicine, but a few of them need a lot of help, like getting in and out of bed. But the job isn’t as hard physically as in a nursing home, and my co-workers are great. This weekend I did the night shift, both nights; friday-saturday and saturday-sunday.  Normally I cope well with sleep-deprivation, but I’ve had this galloping cold all week and not being able to rest has made it worse. So I made myself my standard heart-warming curry dish, which always helps when I need something hot and satisfying, and when Tore comes home he can nurse me back to perfect health!


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