sept 10 2008

Veggie overload

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Yesterday I found myself feeling utterly emaciated with a desperate need to binge, standing in front of a fridge full of lovely vegetables that needed some eating done…result? Three vegetarian dishes for dinner, and I aalmost managed to eat them all! Oh, and I found a new way to eat fresh corn-on-a-knob – with aubergine chutney!

Well, you  can’t really call it a chutney since it doesn’t contain any acid/vinegar, but no other word comes to mind. While the corn knob was bubbling away I just fried up small pieces of aubergine, chili peppers and chinese cabbage, seasoned with salt, pepper and some soy sauce. It was soo good! The combination of that really fresh, sweet, crunchy corn with that buttery soft, savoury aubergine…mmmmhhhh…definitely gonna make this again.

The second dish was the most complicated, not because it’s difficult to make but because it takes some time. Since the corn was going to take some time to cook anyway, and I knew I had some delicious Surimi-sticks in the freezer, I made vietnamese springrolls! See-through, soaked in water, rice paper wrappers, filled with a surimi-stick, glassnoodles, julienned vegetables (squash, cucumber, leek, chinese cabbage, carrots), and plum sauce! Dip : sweet chili sauce, oyster sauce and sesame seeds. Yum! Wikipedia-FAQ: Did you know that crab sticks don’t contain any crab meat? They’re made of white fish, flavoured with crab essence..that’s why they’re called surimi sticks by most manufactorers now, since they’re not allowed to call them crabsticks.

At last, I made approximately the same salad as I had the day before yesterday, so I won’t bother to post a picture of it. When I had finished the corn and the spring rolls I was so full that I wasn’t able to even look at the salad, so I Tupperware’d it and took it to Uni today – hooray for home-made lunch! 

Uni-update; In the lecture about reproductive toxicology I actually managed to ask the lecturer if monks in celibacy «dry up down there»..Not prepared for a whole classroom of very amused collegues laughing their ass..ets off. Think before you speak, think before you speak! Oh well.

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