apr 18 2009

A Wonderful Friday

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A wonderful Friday (freeday!):

8.00 a.m. – 12.00 am : Breakfast with Sam, reading some articles, a shower, getting back into bed to snuggle just a few moments more with «the very sick boyfriend» (read: he has the manflu). Decided to break in my trusted two-wheeler and cycle to Uni to meet Marte for lunch.

12.30 p.m – 13.30 p.m : lunch in the cantina – left over homemade chicken soup with tortellini – and catching up with gossip.

13.30 p.m. – 15.30 p.m. : having ice cream in the herb garden in front of the biology building with three girlfriends, enjoying the sun, getting a slight sunburn on the tip of my nose, trying to identify various bugs passing by, chatting about everything from funny shaped penises to international politics and just procrastinating with almost no guilty feelings – it IS Friday, afterall.

15.30 p.m. – 17.00 p.m. :  reading some more articles, working with the essay a bit, but mostly gazing out the window  at the lovely spring weather.

17.00 p.m. – 17.30 pm : Biking down Bogstadveien (shopping street) – smiley faces sitting at sidewalk restaurants having their first outside-beer of the year - to get to the Litterature House (Litteraturhuset). Met up with a couple of friends, had my first shrimpsandwhich of the year (slice of white bread, a small mountain of cold-water shrimp, lemon, mayo and a green salad),

Se bildet i full størrelse


 and then attended the lecture «Is Darwinism past its ‘sell-by’ date ?» by the famous biology philosopher David Reuse. Very entertaining, funny AND interesting; mixed with my overall admiration for this guys’ genius, plus a sprinkle of exciting (read: crazy) Creationist interrupting the lecture by running up the aisle screaming «REFERENCES, I WANT REFERENCES!». He was briskly shown back to his seat with the notion to hold his questions till the end of the lecture, upon which he then mumbled an extremely incoherent something something none of the audience understood. So much bravado during the lecture but then when he was offered the microphone he wasn’t able to present his opinion in a proper way.  Oh well, as Mr. Ruse put it; «We’ll just have to agree to disagree».

19.30 p.m. – 20.15 p.m. : biking back up the hill with big-A…

20.15 pm – 23.3o p.m.: …to get to the lovely student pub the Amateur (Amatøren) to attend a concert of a great, great jazz band called ‘Made In Corea’. They play cover versions of songs written by the famous jazz pianist/composer Chick Corea. Being a piano-less band they compensate with guitar and vibraphone. I really enjoyed myself; the music, my mood, the atmossphere, the people I was with, even the red wine I was drinking was perfect. – A wonderful end to a wonderful day.

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okt 20 2008

Ramen noodle frenzy

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Tore and I have had an almost weeklong simultanous ramen noodle hang-up. We bought about 1 million different kinds of ramen noodles the last time we were shopping in one of the chinese grocery shops downtown Oslo, and suddenly we both couldn’t go through a day without eating at least one pack of crazy flavoured noodles. They were all sooo fascinating, and if not incredible tasty, it was very satisfying to slurp hot broth after spending a day in the rainy autumn weather. The craziest ramen I tried must be the kimchi-flavoured ones I had yesterday – the broth was pink! And the flavour..indescribable. Kinda like salty, slightly synthetic strawberry-beef broth. But not bad, not bad at all!

Ramen noodles with Kimchi flavour
Luckily we came off the ramen wagon today, and I made a spicy carrot soup to compensate for the unhealthy week long noodle-overdose. To give us something to chew on I made a side of pizza rolls from store-bought freshpizza dough – we were both so hungry that we just couldn’t wait for a home made dough to rise. They were so delicious! I filled them with tomato paste, chopped olives, garlic, sundried tomatoes, strips of lowfat ham, dried oregano, basil and marjoram, cheese and basil pesto.. Neither of us were really excited about the taste of the carrot soup, but with the help of the rolls we finished it off, which means we ate about 8 carrots for dinner! That must count for something !
Spicy carrot soup w/pizza buns
The beautiful yellow and red maple leafs from the last weeks of bright beautiful autumn weather have turned to a blackish-brown glistening..mass, covering nearly all the sidewalks on my route to University. With poor street lightning, rain and heavy winds, riding a bike was quite an adventure today. I like that it takes less time to bike than to go by bus and the tube, and especially that it doesn’t harm the environment, but boy, do I have to do some serious self-convincing to get on that bike every morning..Oh well, I’m done whining now. Biking through the rainy darkness makes me appreciate the dry warm inside so much more. I’ve even begun to think about cookies to bake in December! But I will not mention any of them yet, as it’s ONLY OCTOBER, a fact that the supermarkets seem to disregard completely, since they’ve already put the christmas chocolate and – marzipan on the shelves…
I’ve bought the plane tickets for Svalbard, made all the arrangements that need to be done and I can hardly wait to get up there! The course is going to be really hectic (they call it an intensive course, after all) but I’ll make sure to make time to visit some of these guys :
Visiting the dogpen IMG_2327 - Copy
Me and a 5 week old husky puppy + Fram and Tundra (from left); a 3 year old male husky, and a 7 month old husky-greenland dog mix female.
I love dogs, and the sled dogs that I met on Svalbard, Spitzbergen are some of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever met. They live outside in the cold all year round, pull more than their own weight through often deep snow, they compete which each other for food, being chained to small huts when not running – but still so incredible friendly! I helped a friend to feed them last winter and all of the dogs waited politely until I had placed the food bowl on the ground before they tried to inhale their food (at least that’s what it looked like). Huge shaggy greenland dogs that look like teddy bears, sleek beautiful huskys, all super-happy to meet you, jumping up whilst trying to give you puppy kisses, shaking their entire body in anticipation, howling of excitement, ready to run..my kind of dogs.

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