apr 06 2010

Fredrik & Alf compete for the good shelf

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This video just cracks me up. Fredrik the big, white one has claimed the «best» part of our book case, for some reason all the rats love to hang out and take their midday nap inside this particular shelf.  Alfie really wants to get some shelf time too, but Fredrik has decided that he and only he will be allowed on that special place. Mr. T filmed the epic battle for the shelf.

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mar 25 2010

Fredrik & the new duvet cover

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A week ago I went to Ikea with my aunt and went berserk, buying all very necessary, but not incredibly necessary stuff. – Like a dish drying rack (since I hate drying off plates). And this dark aubergine duvet cover. See how nicely it matches Fredriks pink ears, nose and tiny hands ? Aww, I just love redecorating my home and make it match my beloved ratties.

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mar 16 2010

Easter lily

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Spring is here again!  I get happy all the way down to my toes looking at this beautiful little flower.
And then there are certain four legged creatures running around on the floor that make me giggle and smile several times a day..take Fredrik for instance:
Here he’s checking out my hand bag. I know he’s just on the look out for something edible but I entertained myself with the idea that he was helping me organizing the bag and cleaning out old receipts.
Then he actually started to drag out bits of paper and a bag of sore throat lozenges. He was actually helping me! Eager to see if he’d continue to help me, I kept on taking pictures..
Until he suddenly found what he was looking for and darted off so quickly I didn’t manage to catch him before he’d dissappeared under the sofa.
Look at that little rascal run! I found the mint later, half eaten, between the sofa cushions. He’d diverted my attention by escaping under the couch, before he climbed on top of it and enjoyed his treat under a throw cushion in peace and quiet. He probably hid the mint there to eat the rest later. To bad for him that I found it and ate it!  No more treats for you today Freddie, you bad bad rat.
Okay, who am I kidding, you’re so darn cute I’ll give you any treat you want the next time you climb up on my lap for cuddles.

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feb 24 2010

Rats & müsli

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Don’t you just hate it when you want a quick and easy breakfast, grab for the müsli and find the bag empty ? Well, I’ve discovered how to prevent my müsli from mysteriously disappearing:  To just not leave it in a place where the highly opportunistic rodents I share my home with can get to it. Like my sofa table.
Luckily I bought two  bags of my cheap brand, super delicious müsli last time I went shopping, and the bag on the table only had a little bit left in it so…I let them have it. They were so dadgum cute, eating as fast as they could, desperately trying to stuff their soft bellies with as much müsli as possible before I would take them away from it. Benny’d even positioned himself inside the müsli bag for easy access.
Fredrik, munching away as quick as he could. I don’t think he got a belly ache, I removed the müsli before they’d the chance to eat too much. Besides, rats have huge stomachs, built for binge eating. I mean, their bodies are more or less head – stomach – tiny legs. I call them my furry sausages.

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feb 15 2010

Happy Valentines day!

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I found these fluffbunnies snuggled up on my bed today. Even rats know how to celebrate the most romantic day of the year! The way Gunnars pink little toes curl up like that just melts my heart…so cute!

I didn’t get any flowers today, but I did get a 750 gram bag of Earl Grey tea and mint chocolates that were waaayy to sweet for me. Did I mention that Mr. T loves tea ? Hmm…what a coincidence that he got me more tea than I can ever drink in a lifetime.. oh well, I’m positive he’ll make it up to me as soon as we’re done with the student life and actually have paying jobs!

Students or not, we DID treat ourselves to a special dinner – HOMEMADE SUSHI! I adore sushi and I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. Okay, that would become boring, but once a week – no problem.

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jan 27 2010

Little things that make me happy

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…like starting the day with a BLT-sandwich; loads of fresh lettuce, crispy bacon, tomatoes and mayo on wholegrain bread…nomnomnom!
- Or making homemade noodle soup for supper, then realizing there’s just enough left to fit in a recycled curry paste tub that’s a perfect size for lunch tomorrow. I knew hoarding those plastic containers would pay off someday!
..or…finding these AWESOME band-aids at the supermarket : Star Wars band-aids!!!
- I can’t wait till the next time I cut myself. Wait, that came out wrong.
What little things make you happy?
BTW; today I realized that whilst teaching Fredrik tricks, little Alfie had picked up on the training too! During the daily 5 min «training session» Alf suddenly got up and walked on his hindlegs next to Fredrik  when I gave the command «walk». Such a surprise, he was even better at it than Fredrik. I will never underestimate you again Alfie, even though you look like you have syndrome!

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jan 19 2010

Fredrik and Benny-the-Hat

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Fredrik and Benny-the-Hat, originally uploaded by christianemb85.

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jul 16 2009

Gunnar & Fredrik

I’m spending a couple of weeks at the cabin/summer place of Tore’s parents in Mandal, down at the very south of Norway. In the meanwhile our two boys visit their «grandparents», and I miss them immensely! Here’s some more pictures (check out the photostream for even more).







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jun 16 2009

Back to blogging…Part II

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..So we decided to get new rats.  Two boys of about 4 months of age that we bought cheaply of a guy that didn’t have enough time to take care of them. They will never completely replace Sam, but having rats in the house again helps. Even though they all have their distinct and unique personalities, they have some of that common rattiness, that is so charming and adorable. I still miss Sam every day, but little Gunnar and Fredrik help to cheer me up.

Fredrik & Gunnar

Fredrik, the husky, on the left, Gunnar, the black berkshire, on the right. In the beginning they were quite timid of humans and they hated being picked up. Now they’ve become very trusting little guys, they hardly tense a muscle when I pick them up and they seem genuinely interested in hanging out with me and Tore. They even give little rattiekisses! I almost cried the first time little Gunnar started licking my chin, it reminded me so much of Sam. This pictures says a lot about rats: I’ve placed a three cardboard boxes on top of the cage for the rats to play in. Of course the thin, oblong one became a favourite (it used to contain a whisky bottle) – which they sometimes fight over, other times they both cram themselves in there, until the box is bulging on each side.

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