apr 27 2010

R.I.P. Benny

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Benny died last Friday. One minute he was running around happily as always, the next moment we found him dead on the floor – less than ten minutes since the last time we saw him alive. It probably was a heart failure, I really can’t explain his sudden death any other way. There’s a small comfort in that it happened really fast and that he was old, but I miss him so much. My little darling, the gentlest and nicest little rat I’ve ever met. He was so thin and timid when Mr.T brought him home sometime last fall, so afraid of hands and getting picked up.  But then he got used to us and became the most trusting and gentle little rat, always licking my fingertips and ready for a cuddle.
Now it seems like Gunnar will follow in his path soon, his pneumonia just isn’t getting better, despite the heavy antibiotics. I wish rats would live forever, they live such short lives!

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apr 06 2010

Fredrik & Alf compete for the good shelf

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This video just cracks me up. Fredrik the big, white one has claimed the «best» part of our book case, for some reason all the rats love to hang out and take their midday nap inside this particular shelf.  Alfie really wants to get some shelf time too, but Fredrik has decided that he and only he will be allowed on that special place. Mr. T filmed the epic battle for the shelf.

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mar 14 2010

Yoghurt…with whipped cream!

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Yoghurt…with whipped cream!, originally uploaded by christianemb85.

Mmmh, this creamy non-no fat boysenberry yoghurt from Yoplait must be my all time yoghurt favorite. I recently found myself in the possession of a can of whipped cream, and adventorous as I am, I had to try it on my Yoplait and just like that! I’d invented a new fantastic dessert! Or midday snack. Or breakfast. You choose!

Rats like yoghurt too..

They like the fact that they can use the yoghurt cup as a hat afterwards.

Not really, but they sure look funny trying to get to the last drops of yoghurt at the bottom of the cup.

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feb 24 2010

Rats & müsli

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Don’t you just hate it when you want a quick and easy breakfast, grab for the müsli and find the bag empty ? Well, I’ve discovered how to prevent my müsli from mysteriously disappearing:  To just not leave it in a place where the highly opportunistic rodents I share my home with can get to it. Like my sofa table.
Luckily I bought two  bags of my cheap brand, super delicious müsli last time I went shopping, and the bag on the table only had a little bit left in it so…I let them have it. They were so dadgum cute, eating as fast as they could, desperately trying to stuff their soft bellies with as much müsli as possible before I would take them away from it. Benny’d even positioned himself inside the müsli bag for easy access.
Fredrik, munching away as quick as he could. I don’t think he got a belly ache, I removed the müsli before they’d the chance to eat too much. Besides, rats have huge stomachs, built for binge eating. I mean, their bodies are more or less head – stomach – tiny legs. I call them my furry sausages.

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jul 16 2009

Gunnar & Fredrik

I’m spending a couple of weeks at the cabin/summer place of Tore’s parents in Mandal, down at the very south of Norway. In the meanwhile our two boys visit their «grandparents», and I miss them immensely! Here’s some more pictures (check out the photostream for even more).







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