feb 15 2010

Happy Valentines day!

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I found these fluffbunnies snuggled up on my bed today. Even rats know how to celebrate the most romantic day of the year! The way Gunnars pink little toes curl up like that just melts my heart…so cute!

I didn’t get any flowers today, but I did get a 750 gram bag of Earl Grey tea and mint chocolates that were waaayy to sweet for me. Did I mention that Mr. T loves tea ? Hmm…what a coincidence that he got me more tea than I can ever drink in a lifetime.. oh well, I’m positive he’ll make it up to me as soon as we’re done with the student life and actually have paying jobs!

Students or not, we DID treat ourselves to a special dinner – HOMEMADE SUSHI! I adore sushi and I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. Okay, that would become boring, but once a week – no problem.

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jun 18 2009

Sloppy sushi

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Typical. Of all the times I’ve made sushi, the first time I have a camera at hand, my rice turns out too loose, and the sushi got really sloppy. It was delicious as always, but I’m not too pleased with the pictures. But I’ll post them anyway, I’ll just have to give to photoproof from the next sushi dinner that I CAN in fact do better.

Sloppy sushi

I looooveee sushi. Salmon is my favourite; with avocado, cucumber, and a crazy, totally not authentic mayo-scallion-srirachasauce-mix. It adds just a hint of creaminess, spicyness and crunchiness that I adore, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn if it’s not authentic.  My next food project will be to make my own pickled ginger because in the store a tiny less-than-a-cup-sized-jar of ginger costs outrageous 20 Kroner! (~ 4 dollars!).  The fact that my boyfriend can’t help himself from munching the pickled ginger as a snack sans the sushi, makes it too expensive to not try and make it myself.

Sloppy sushi

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apr 28 2009

I’ll have my fish raw, please

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I’ve had an insane craving for sushi the last month. Last week we got some okay, but slightly dissapointing (tiny!) maki rolls at the neighbourhood takeaway sushi, but that did only make my cravings bigger. Last night I came home early from Uni, completely emaciated since I wanted to get really hungry before dinner, which of course resulted in a totally stupid argument with Tore over something I don’t really remember. After some angry «I don’t even want sushi for dinner tonight!», we made up, and he apologized with a «Can I have some sushi too? «. Of course he could. I couldn’t have, even if I’d tried, manage to eat all the sushi myself. I boiled up 2 cups of sushi rice and made 3 giant maki rolls (rice on the outside) with salmon, spring onions, avocado, cucumber and shrimps. I mixed the shrimps with majonese and Sriracha sauce because I just love that spicy (though not completely authentic) flavour. I was so excited about managing the inside-out rolls (toasted sesame seeds and plastic cling film essential), and so hungry, that we just stood there at the kitchen counter and ate them immediately as  I made them. Yuummmyyy! Sadly, I haven’t gotten around to fix my camera yet, so I have to make sushi again for you to see when it’s fixed..

I found something slightly confusing though, when I was checking the internet for what kind of fish I should use. The Norwegian Fishing Ministry recommends to only use fish that has been frozen at -20° Celsius for at least 24 hours, while at other sites I read about «Sashimi-grade fish», by which I think they meant really fresh fish. But freshness doesn’t guarantee you a fish without parasites, round worms, which is the real issue of concern. All fish have parasites to some degree; fish living in brackish, still-water have more of them (should not be eaten raw) while sea fish and especially farmed salmon have few, or none. Anyway, I didn’t want to take any chances, so I went with a couple of frozen salmon fillets. I sliced them while they were still a bit frozen, which made it easy to get really thin slices. 

As satisfying the sushi yesterday was, today I still had a craving for more sushi, or at least more raw fish. So I decided to make Vietnamese spring rolls with salmon ceviché and shrimps. I soaked the rice paper wrappers in hot water as always, but as a twist I marinated the salmon  in lemon juice, soy sauce, grated ginger and garlic, some salt and sugar, and a tiny drizzle of sesame oil. I wrapped the salmon with shrimps, julienned cucumber and carrot, diced spring onion, sesame seeds, and some slices of pickled ginger. Divine!

Here’s a pic from another time I made Vietnamese spring rolls: 


Vietnamese spring rolls

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apr 23 2009

The Future Is Today, Kids!

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Coming home from University around 7 pm, not feeling like cooking, me and Tore had SUSHI for DINNER – in a PARK! In the SUN! Being able to indulge in luxury foods like takeaway sushi every once in a while is the reason why I gladly wash old peoples butts once a month.
Btw, I checked when the sun set today; 8.55 pm – I love it!

Tomorrow there’s an event at the Biology building called Natural Carneval – it’s like a Halloween party, everybody dress up according to the theme (Jungle this time), there will be alcoholsale, a dance floor, a DJ…and a biology quiz. Come on, we ARE biologists, after all. All fun and no brain stimulation a whole evening wouldn’t go down with the crowd.
Anyway, what I’m really looking forward to is, that we’ll be barbecuing on one of the lawns on campus before the party; I think it’s one of my favorite things to do; relaxing with food and beer and good friends in the sun after a long day of studying in my favorite time of the year – spring.
Oh, and what I’ll be wearing ? It’s a secret.

Another magnolia pic:

Wilhelma zoo

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sept 28 2008

Freud calling

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Wow, I completely forgot to tell you about my birthday! The 17th of September I turned the sturdy age of 23 years, and it was wonderful. I don’ know why I haven’t told you about it yet, but I can assure you that it has nothing to do with Freud’s idea of «what you don’t like, you try to forget». Quite the contrary.

The Wednesday started out wonderfully, Tore got up early – 6.30 a.m to be precice – to cook me a hearty breakfast before I had to go to an early lecture. I got eggs, bacon and baked beans, my favourite hot breakfast combo. He was scrambling along in the kitchen for half an hour, before he snuck in to «wake me up» with a birthday kiss. I, of course, tried to pretend I had been asleep all the time through his breakfast preparation. Then, after a long day at Uni, Tore picked me up, and gave me the first part of his birthdaygift ; a charcoal grey granite mortar and pestle! It looks just like this:

I can’ wait to try it out, I’ve never cooked with one before…but I’m pretty sure that chicken satay with cashew nut sauce is going to be one of the first recipes I’ll try out.  

The next post on my birthday program was «a surprise» as Tore called it. And it was; he took me to a restaurant we’ve never visited before, even heard of; Jonoe on Vinderen, a japanese restaurant. We both ordered a three course menul (called Bonzai 390), and it was soooo gooooood!!!! I love sushi, but I’ve only tried single bites of nigirisushi or maki rolls, eating a whole japanese-style three course menu is something very different – and an incredible experience for a couple of food-lovers like my boyfriend and me. 

The first dish was Sashimi and ponzu; thin slices of superfresh,buttery soft salmon and halibut, in the most amazing dipping sauce I’ve ever tasted. The combination of the sweet, raw fish and the indescribable taste of ponzu blew us away. I’ve checked up on ponzu on the internet; it’s made of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice and dashi, some kind of japanese stock either made of dried mushroom or kelp. Sound’s like quite a project to re-enact but I’l definitely give it a try in the future (after midterms).

The next dish was «Jonathan shellfish salad» – oh my oh my oh my. – A heavenly mix of seafood; scallops, king crab, scampi, some kind of clam, avokado, chili and sweet soy sauce. I just adored the taste of salty-sweet seafood combined with the nutty flavour of avocado and roasted sesame oil, perfectly balanced by sweet soy sauce. I would’ve licked the plate clean if I hadn’t been in public. Tore even made an attempt to use his chopsticks to wipe up the remaining specks of sauce, that’s how good it was!

The last and more standard dish was a plate with five assorted nigiri (fish on balls of rice), and maki rolls with tempura fish, avocado and chili mayonnese. Again, the fish was wonderfully smooth and fresh, but I really enjoyed the maki rolls; I was so happy that I got the combination of avokado, fish and something sweet again, it really «hit the spot» on my palate. 

All the time during the meal, Tore and I sat and held hands (between the dishes, that is), giggling, ooh’ing and aaahh’ing whilst eating, looking at each other almost bursting with excitement over the meal – our neighbours must have thought we were high on something. We didn’t care, of course. It was so great to have this evening out with Tore after the long time apart and I don’t think I could’ve been more happy. 

Again; if you live in Oslo or come by for a visit, go to Jonoe! It’s not too expensive (hey, two students on a thight budget managed), has super food and the service is impeccable (and the place was stuffed when we were there). Here’s the link : Jonoe







The last post on the «birthday programme» was to see the movie of my choice; Pixar’s Wall-E. It was just as touching, sweet and funny as the critics say, go and see it if you haven’t already! Tore pretended to see it just because I wanted to, but I could tell that he was touched by the cute little robot too. All in all, a wonderful night, and I can hardly wait for the next time. Thank you darling!

Speaking of cashews (satay and cashew sauce, remember?), the reason why I don’t want to make the traditional peanut sauce, is because I’m highly allergic to it. My mouth starts to itch and the tongue and my throat starts swelling. It has never been so bad that I had to go to the ER, but it’s really uncomfortable. What’s weird is that as a kid I could eat peanuts with no problems. I still dream of Snicker-ice cream bars..mmmhh… Tore is a big fan of chili peanuts (peanuts in a chili crust), but kind hearted as he is he tries to just buy and eat them when I’m not at home. He’s also a huge fan of chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce, but I’ve never cooked it for him, of course. Now as I’ve found an alternative recipe with cashews instead, I can hardly wait! 

Speaking of cashews, take two: Yesterday night, after spending a couple of hours at the University (yes, on a Saturday!), I made chicken and cashew wok when I came home – incredibly good. It’s a stayer. 


Cashew chicken

I’ll plot down the instructions as soon as possible, in the meanwhile you can check out the inspiration for the dish on this site , Blogchef.

Now I have to get to Uni again ( Yes, on a sunday!), as one midtterm and one final exam are coming up soooon…But I think they’ll turn out fine, I even enjoy studying for them in the weekends. – Drinking uncountable amounts of rooibush tea, with a wonderful view from my desk and the kind of silence you only get on a sunday afternoon – good stuff.

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