okt 04 2008

Exam blues and chubby pet

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After a week of tedious studying for my exams next monday and tuesday, my attention span is coming to a stand-still. Tha fact that my nose feels like it’s stuffed with a giant wad of cotton, numbing almost all my tastebuds, doesn’t help much either. So after a long day of studying yesterday, I spontanously decided to go to a party – a cheese and wine gathering at my friends N, K and B’s apartment. Ten minutes after returning home from University I just grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge, stuffed Sam in his travelling cage and went. I’m so happy that I did, I really needed a couple of hours of fun and relaxation. I took Sam with me since he’d been alone all day – Tore is visiting some friends in the town where he grew up (and giving me peace to study). I thought the little guy (Sam, that is) would be anxious and nervous with so many strangers around, loud music, etc., but I was totally wrong! He wasn’t afraid at all,he was quite relaxed and made a lot of new friends. He just climbed around from shoulder to shoulder, sniffing peoples hair and trying to steal food. At the end of the evening he snuggled up against my friend L’s chest and fell asleep. I almost felt jealous!  Oh well, I should be happy to have such a social little guy who handles being the centre of attention without any problems. I guess he would’ve been welcomed differently in another crowd than at this party – they were all biology students, and I think only one person felt a bit nervous with Sam around (which I of course respected and kept Sam away from him).

Before Tore went to down south, he and I tought Sam to sit in a very cute manner, with his hind legs pointing forwards. It didn’t take much time, but a lot of treats; he refused to stay seated after he’d finished his «bribe». He looks so amazingly cute and adorable, and the fact that he’s gotten a bit on the chubby side just adds to the cuteness. He looks a lot fatter than he is, it’s just the seating position that makes him look fat…:D

Sam learns to sit

«Nom. nom, dry bread!» – Funny opportunistic Sam refused to eat dry bread after he discovered that we were eating bread with butter on.

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