jun 16 2009

Back to blogging, with some sad news..Part I

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Sam is dead. He died very suddenly on Saturday  two weeks ago. I didn’t notice anything different with him when I kissed his little head goodbye before I went to Uni in the morning, but around 2 p.m Tore called me and said something was wrong with our dear little guy..He was shaking and twitching with violent cramps all over his body, having trouble breathing. Although Tore rushed him to the Veterinary College, T didn’t get there on time; Sam died on the busride there. It was so shocking and terribly painful to loose our little darling, I couldn’t talk about Sam without tearing up for at least a week after we lost him. Everything in the apartment reminds me of him;  without that 400 grams rat the apartment felt incredibly empty. No excited rat jumping around on my lap, trying to steal whatever I was eating, no soft whiskerkisses, no soft belly to rub, no furry head to land kisses on..Sam wasn’t an easy pet; because he was a single rat he demanded a lot of attention and company from us (which is why we would take him with us as often as possible), he had his grumpy moods were the smallest touch from us would make him squeal, but I think all of his special needs and quirky personality are part of the reasons why T and I got so attached to him…

My rats

RIP Sam :(

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