mar 26 2010

BBQ chicken pizza w/ thin italian crust..

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..will be on my table yet again tonight! I made a double batch of BBQ sauce last weekend, and stored it in a clean jar in my fridge, that must be okay to use, don’t you think ? I got the pizza recipe (the sauce I made from scratch) from PioneerWoman, and it was deeeliiiciosoo!

It was easy peasy to make too. One of the very few things I hate to do in the kitchen (well, except doing the dishes) is to roll out pizza dough with a rolling pin. Until I read Ree’s recipe I didn’t know you were allowed to use your hands to stretch and pull the dough out to desired shape and thiness (is that a word ?). I thought it had to be perfectly round or square shape. I was raised that way, and being a neat freak obsessing over her pizza dough was a part of me. Until I watched the photos at PioneerWomans cooking blog and realized my days of hounding over a springy pizza dough that refuses to be rolled thin were over. You can just pull and tear and squeeze that sucker into shape! Halleluja. I hope reading about my revelation was as entertaining to you as it was to me, dear readers. You’ll still need a rolling pin, though. It’s really good for pounding left over chicken breasts thinly for easy freezing-and defreezing and for making of breaded chicken cutlets. More about that later. Here’s my nemesis, the homemade piece of crap pizza dough I feared for so long. I made him first, gave him an hour to raise, or else. PioneerWomans recipe is a nice one. Whilst Doug, as I like to call him, was doubling in size, I made the BBQ chicken. No wait, I made the BBQ sauce first. I had lots of time on my hands, you see. But do you think I remember what I put into the sauce ? I know the ingredients, but the measurements were very peu un peu. Some brown sugar, tomato purè, ketchup, mustard, cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, Worchestershire sauce, red wine vinegar…go google a recipe or buy a ready made sauce, it’s safer than venturing out on the homemade BBQ sauce from scratch path (let’s just say it turned out a tad to sweet). But boy did it have a magnificient colour. I wanted to paint a painting with it. The Rivers Are Running Red With The Blood Of Our Enemies, I’d call it. The painting, not the sauce. But then I forgot about it and slapped half of it on the chicken, the second half on the pizza and the rest half in a jar. Fractions was never my strongest subject in school. Here are the chicken breasts fresh from the oven, where they’d spent a good 25 minutes frolicking in their BBQ bath. I think they look hawt. They were so juicy, succulent, lovely…then I tried inhaling them straight from the pan and burned my mouth and decided it was best to let them rest until manageable. You do that too, please. For the sake of the skin on the inside of your mouth. Meanwhile, slice a red onion in quite thin half-rings. And slice a knob of garlic into reeaaallyyy thin slices. You’re gonna need a turquois Ikea cutting board for that. Na, just a cutting board – but the turquois one sure is nice. It’s bendy too! When you’ve done your slicing and cutting you can just fold it up which makes pouring your chopped veggies into a pot a blast. Now your chicken breasts (I love to type that word) should be cool enough for school, I mean cutting. Did I mention they were perfectly cooked and juicy and delicious  ? They almost didn’t make it on to the pizza. Let’s just say more than my fair share of cubes went «missing» during the process of chopping up the breasts into nice cubes. 

Time to team up with Doug again. Check out the fingerprints, the holes and unneven thickness! A true sign of a madman at work. I actually think that the holes and unneveness is what makes Italian pizza crusts so good. That and the fresh mozzarella, which I didn’t have, woe is me. Norwegian yellow cheese had to do. Jarlsberg, Norvegia, Synnøve Finden gulost, they all taste YELLOW. And for that I shall grieve a hundred years. Or until they make imported cheese that actually tastes like something, less pricey.  The assembly was a hoot: I dribbled on the BBQ sauce (the next time I’ll use regular pizza sauce under the cheese, it can get too much BBQ sauce, believe it or not), layered thin slices of fresh mozzarella I WISH yellow Norwegian cheese, sprinkled onion half-rings, garlic and canned corn kernels, and the luscious chicken cubes, of course. Ha, would’ve  been fun to forget to put the BBQ chicken on the BBQ chicken pizza, huh ? Lolz. I’m tired of blogging, here’s the finished product, it was delicious and I ate till I was full and then some. The End.

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