jan 27 2010

Little things that make me happy

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…like starting the day with a BLT-sandwich; loads of fresh lettuce, crispy bacon, tomatoes and mayo on wholegrain bread…nomnomnom!
- Or making homemade noodle soup for supper, then realizing there’s just enough left to fit in a recycled curry paste tub that’s a perfect size for lunch tomorrow. I knew hoarding those plastic containers would pay off someday!
..or…finding these AWESOME band-aids at the supermarket : Star Wars band-aids!!!
- I can’t wait till the next time I cut myself. Wait, that came out wrong.
What little things make you happy?
BTW; today I realized that whilst teaching Fredrik tricks, little Alfie had picked up on the training too! During the daily 5 min «training session» Alf suddenly got up and walked on his hindlegs next to Fredrik  when I gave the command «walk». Such a surprise, he was even better at it than Fredrik. I will never underestimate you again Alfie, even though you look like you have syndrome!

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