apr 14 2010

Bondi vet

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OMG, I accidentily watced an episode of Bondi Vet today. I say accidentily because I know I’m not supposed to watch series like that because series about veterinary clinics carry a pretty high risk of featuring animals that..are hurt. Of course today’s episode did. A tiny wire haired white terrier that had been run over by a car, because some idiot had let her off her leash in order to steal the leash (!). And then when she had gotten emergency care and was stabilized, her owner came, and even though the severe head trauma had rendered her blind, she recognized him by his smell and tried to sit up and lick his hand..and then they X-rayed her and found severe fractures in her lower spine and had to put her to sleep! Needless to say; I bawled like a baby!  I need to stop watching stuff like that. I had to go to www.dailypuppy.com to soothe my nerves. Little Henry the Norfolk terrier here made my mood better :

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