mar 16 2010

Easter lily

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Spring is here again!  I get happy all the way down to my toes looking at this beautiful little flower.
And then there are certain four legged creatures running around on the floor that make me giggle and smile several times a day..take Fredrik for instance:
Here he’s checking out my hand bag. I know he’s just on the look out for something edible but I entertained myself with the idea that he was helping me organizing the bag and cleaning out old receipts.
Then he actually started to drag out bits of paper and a bag of sore throat lozenges. He was actually helping me! Eager to see if he’d continue to help me, I kept on taking pictures..
Until he suddenly found what he was looking for and darted off so quickly I didn’t manage to catch him before he’d dissappeared under the sofa.
Look at that little rascal run! I found the mint later, half eaten, between the sofa cushions. He’d diverted my attention by escaping under the couch, before he climbed on top of it and enjoyed his treat under a throw cushion in peace and quiet. He probably hid the mint there to eat the rest later. To bad for him that I found it and ate it!  No more treats for you today Freddie, you bad bad rat.
Okay, who am I kidding, you’re so darn cute I’ll give you any treat you want the next time you climb up on my lap for cuddles.

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