mar 29 2010

I miss Sam

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Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this. It’s Mr.T’s fault. He started looking at pictures of Sam, my first rattie love, who died from a brain tumor in June a year ago. I had to look at the pictures too of course, and before I knew it my eyes were watering up. How can a tiny animal that I knew a mere year and a half take such a big part of my heart ? The short life expectancy of pets in general and rats in particular is a part of all things that are bad in life. I wish they’d live as long as we do. But I guess their short life span helps us humans understand that we need to enjoy them as much as we can while we have them among us. Excuse me while I go kiss four furry little heads.

Sam in his bed that initially was meant to be his toilet but that was never used for anything else but sleeping : Sam being a shenanigan in the pantry:  Sam learns to sit for a treat:

RIP Sam, my first pet of my own and first rat, I’ll never forget you.

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