feb 24 2010

Rats & müsli

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Don’t you just hate it when you want a quick and easy breakfast, grab for the müsli and find the bag empty ? Well, I’ve discovered how to prevent my müsli from mysteriously disappearing:  To just not leave it in a place where the highly opportunistic rodents I share my home with can get to it. Like my sofa table.
Luckily I bought two  bags of my cheap brand, super delicious müsli last time I went shopping, and the bag on the table only had a little bit left in it so…I let them have it. They were so dadgum cute, eating as fast as they could, desperately trying to stuff their soft bellies with as much müsli as possible before I would take them away from it. Benny’d even positioned himself inside the müsli bag for easy access.
Fredrik, munching away as quick as he could. I don’t think he got a belly ache, I removed the müsli before they’d the chance to eat too much. Besides, rats have huge stomachs, built for binge eating. I mean, their bodies are more or less head – stomach – tiny legs. I call them my furry sausages.

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