apr 27 2010

R.I.P. Benny

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Benny died last Friday. One minute he was running around happily as always, the next moment we found him dead on the floor – less than ten minutes since the last time we saw him alive. It probably was a heart failure, I really can’t explain his sudden death any other way. There’s a small comfort in that it happened really fast and that he was old, but I miss him so much. My little darling, the gentlest and nicest little rat I’ve ever met. He was so thin and timid when Mr.T brought him home sometime last fall, so afraid of hands and getting picked up.  But then he got used to us and became the most trusting and gentle little rat, always licking my fingertips and ready for a cuddle.
Now it seems like Gunnar will follow in his path soon, his pneumonia just isn’t getting better, despite the heavy antibiotics. I wish rats would live forever, they live such short lives!

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