jan 21 2010

Skipper’s Pipes

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Arrrrr!!! The Norwegian Government are discussing whether to put a ban on sweets/food that resembles tobacco products (stupid! Who in their right state of mind would think that these licorice pipes looked like real pipes?!). So the last time I came through the tax free shop at the airport I got these babies. Soft, sweet licorice Skipper’s Pipes. Soo goood!! I brought a whole pack of them to the New Years Eve party that we celebrated in a light house at the very most southern part of Norway. It was a fun night, and we all tried our best to make the pipes last as long as possible, trying hard not to munch them up the moment we stuck them in our mouths…Let’s just say; I had a very hard time.

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  1. Chevy wegmanon 15 mar 2011 at 14:47

    hello, I live in america and I was wondering: «how can I get my hands on those?» Do you have any suggestions or places to go on the internet to buy them? Thanks

  2. Christianeon 25 mar 2011 at 14:45

    Hi! I got them in a tax free shop at an airport, but I found some similar to these on this swedish webshop; http://webshop.gottelisa.se/ovrigt/skipper-s-pipes.html , that also ships to the US and Canada. Google Translate should be able to translate the page to english for you. Good luck ! :)

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