feb 06 2009


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You won’t believe how much it’s snowing in Oslo these days! I haven’t been able to walk outside the last week without squinting the whole time. – The tiny fluffy snowflakes that are swirling around outside all seem to aim for my eyes. I’m not complaining though. Snow and cold weather in Oslo helps me preparing for even snowier and colder conditions on Svalbard,  to which I’ll head up to in a bit more than two weeks. Before that, I have two weeks with another batch of chicken to cuddle with, eh, I mean «do serious science with». I’ve come to hate it when people ask me what I do for my master thesis. Not only because I’ve talked about it a million times and I’m incredibly bored of it, and every time I mention that I use «chicken» as a model organism, everybody crack up in laughter.  There is something with chicken that people find amusing, and combining chicken with science is apparently hilarious. I’ve tried to shut them up with facts like «bird personalities is the newest and hottest topic in behaviour ecology!» or «chicken DO have individual personalities», to no effect.   A friend from Svalbard did his masters on Siberian wolves, but everytime I asked about it he got this twisted expression on his face, as if he was having really bad hemorrhoids. I thought a master like that  - studying WOLVES! IN SIBERIA! – would never cease to be an interesting topic, but I guess everything gets boring after a while.  Not only had he talked about his masters a billion times, but every time he did the not so nice memories of eating rotten horsemeat and freezing his ass off at night gave him chills down his spine.

Speaking of eating; I’m going for Thai tonight! My girlfriend N and I are getting our hair cut together tonight (at N’s hairdresser apprentice friends place), but before that we’ll try out a Thai restaurant called Yaya. I hardly ever eat out, simply because restaurant food is really expensive compared to groceries from the supermarket, so I’m really excited. I just love the salty-sweet-sour-hot taste of thai food, and I’ve already started to ponder on what I’ll have for dinner (I downloaded their menu). I hope I’ll be able to decide on something in a reasonable amount of time, before N’s head explodes.

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